Monday, February 20, 2017

After Nature summer tour 2017: living abroad for two months and looking for colleagues in Europe!

As I wrap up editing the type-set proofs for Speculative Realism: An Epitome to be published through Kismet Press next month I begin to think about where my research trajectory goes from here.  I can flesh that out in a "pensive" post (which I owe to my readers) in the future, however I do know that this coming summer Nalina will be traveling to Europe for her job again and I'll be joining her (thankfully!).

I think it will be great to write my next book (and possibly at least one article) on the bank of the Neckar River in Heidelberg, Germany or in somewhere as idyllic as Lucerne, Switzerland. (It's interesting that I wrote/edited my last two books while staying in Maine where Na and I go each summer - so writing something away from home will keep with the tradition of doing so.)

It's been many, many years since I've been to Europe - the last time I stayed in Heidelberg being when I met Gadamer attending a seminar he gave on Plato and aesthetics (see this post HERE). It will be my first time in Switzerland however, and after doing Facetime with Na last summer when she went I was instantly hooked on going.  So glad I can finally go.

Needless to say, any German or Swiss After Nature readers who'd like to get together for conversation and/or collaboration should get in touch.  As Na will be working most days I will have plenty of free time to pursue research in what looks to be some of the most beautiful places in Europe.

I'd also be interested to attend any seminars that might be going on and make new friends while in either Germany or Switzerland, so if your institution is hosting anything that might fit with interests found here at After Nature please let me know. It'd be great to meet some of After Nature's European readers! We'll be in each country for about one month a piece.