Monday, March 23, 2015

The Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion (NDPR Review)

I think what works about this book is that first, it is in paperback at a reasonable price and reflects thought from a conference whose material or topic of debate hasn't expired.

The book is a definite "must read" even for those who read critically religion within Continental philosophy.

Chapters by Catherine Malabou, John Caputo, Philip Goodchild, and Merold Westphal, to mention but just a few.  Organized into three parts: "The Messianic," "Liberation," and "Plasticity."  In it as well is an essay authored by me on Quentin Meillassoux and Speculative Realism.

Link to the NDPR review HERE.  Amazon link HERE.  You can read the table of contents from IUP's website, HERE.

For those interested in my essay see "Speculating God: Speculative Realism and Meillassoux's Divine Inexistence" (link to chapter HERE).