Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Heatsick Recommends Urbanomic's #ACCELERATE Reader

"Having previously documented emerging perspectives on accelerationism and what became known as 'speculative realism' in his Collapse journal, Mackay explained the potential pitfalls of philosophies being hijacked. This has been particularly evident in the cartoonish path of speculative realism—a philosophy popularized by a former sports journalist that rejects the privileging of human thought over that of other entities. It was also the source of many an artwork depicting the secret sentient life of random objects and anonymous materials.

However, being of the mindset that someone will inevitably publish a book on accelerationism, Mackay decided he would rather it be him...To withdraw from the world market . . . or might it be to go in the opposite direction? Not to withdraw from the process, but to go further, to 'accelerate' the process.'"

Link: http://www.electronicbeats.net/en/articles/heatsick-recommends-urbanomics-accelerate-reader/