Friday, February 6, 2015

Tristan Garcia and Patrice Maniglier on The New Existentialism

HERE.  The argument is that speculation invokes an act of freedom akin to the Sartrean assertion of a "pillar of freedom" that is immune from being affected by, or tied to, immanent conditions. The New Existentialism appears to be a form of agentialism that returns to the "vital negative" present in existentialism minus its humanist or anthropocentric trappings.  In other words, if it is possible, try to imagine existentialism as a philosophy where "the human" being has disappeared into an ontological darkness.  Pretty interesting.

On a side note I was underwhelmed by Garcia's philosophical ability real-time.  His boyish appropriation of a language obviously picked up from reading philosophy exclusively online is quite visible.  He latches on to the language of branding by leaning on concepts such as "withdrawal" etc. etc. as well as ideas that come directly from blogs and blogs alone. (It's alright to start on blogs in order to gain a sense of direction or trajectory or to put one's finger on a pulse, but nothing can replace working through the texts in question themselves.  *Dwelling* on online concepts and discussions - especially while at a conference or presentation - without moving on to the arguments and texts in question themselves immediately challenges your credibility.)  I hardly had a sense that he is trained or even able as a philosopher.  As sad as it is to say, in the end he just came off as an online groupie.

As a "young" scholar who is being peddled as the next greatest-French superstar (mainly in order to shill a book series by the person pushing him as the flavor of the month) his appearance speaks for itself: he is visibly aging and is outclassed in appearance but also in ability by Maniglier.  Harsh I know, but I must speak the truth.  Do not be misled.