Monday, February 2, 2015

Call for Papers: Animals in the Anthropocene

What looks to be an interesting conference: call for papers HERE, conference website HERE.  Copying information below as well.

Animals in the Anthropocene: Human–animal relations in a changing semiosphere

Most but not all of current environmental change is anthropogenic. The term the Anthropocene (the era of humankind) is increasingly acknowledged as suitable for our current geological epoch. As the environment undergoes change, the living conditions of animals change, and people’s perception of animals change. The dynamics of these processes are complex, and call for scholarly study from many angles.
We welcome submissions with paleontological, archaeological, historical, contemporary and future-oriented perspectives. Submissions may present local or global case studies, or consist of theoretical/methodological contributions. Relevant fields of study are listed in the Call For Papers, along with a more detailed description of the conference theme.
For detailed information, see Second Call For Papers (for the record, see also First Call For Papers).
Confirmed keynote speakers (one more to be announced), with preliminary titles:
  • Almo Farina (University of Urbino, Italy): ”Animals in a noisy world”
  • Gisela Kaplan (University of New England, Australia): ”Don Quixote’s windmills: technology, conservation  and animal cognition”
  • Dominique Lestel (École normale supérieure, Paris, France): “Animality after animality: Challenge of the transpecies”
  • Bronislaw Szerszynski (Lancaster University, UK): “Out of the metazoic? Animals as a transitional form in planetary evolution”
  • Louise Westling (University of Oregon, USA): “Dangerous intersubjectivities from Dionysos to Kanzi”
Accepted theme sessions
The following theme sessions have been accepted:
Abstracts (oral presentations) should describe a relevant topic, how the prospective presenter(s) approaches it, and results/conclusions. Length: 200-400 words. Abstracts may be submitted at any time from the first call for papers appears and until the abstract deadline. Please include your full name(s) and affiliation(s). You may also indicate a theme session that is appropriate for your abstract, if applicable.
Deadline for submission of abstracts (oral presentations): March 1st 2015. Please submit your abstract to
We have received strong interest from the editor of the book series “Ecocritical Theory and Practice”, published by Lexington Books (an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield), in publishing a book on the conference theme (see also previous titles in the series). We aim to have an edited collection (editors: Silver Rattasepp, Morten Tønnessen & Kristin Armstrong Oma), work-titled Animals in the Anthropocene, published in April 2016, based on selected papers from the conference. Selected scholars will be invited to contribute to this book on the basis of abstract submission (see above).
We expect to compose a book proposal in March. For those invited to contribute, deadline for a full draft will be June 30th and (following peer review and editorial feedback) final deadline for revised chapter manuscripts will be October 15th.
Conference organisation
Local Organising Committee: Morten Tønnessen (Chair), Laura Kiiroja (Communication officer), Kristin Armstrong Oma, Paul Thibault.
Scientific Advisory Committee: Frode Bakke Bjerkevik, Prithwiraj Jha, Laura Kiiroja, Timo Maran, Nelly Mäekivi, Kristin Armstrong Oma, Silver Rattasepp, Paul Thibault, Kadri Tüür, Morten Tønnessen.