Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ray Brassier's postscript to Pete Wolfendale's book

Just finished reading it.  Brassier puts to rest the "existence" question of Speculative Realism once and for all, as I have tried to do recently in several of my last posts.  The postscript is truly the "last word" on the issue and essentially has led me to confirm rather conclusively my decisions to refrain from publishing my IEP and Stanford entries on "Speculative Realism" and to decline the editorship of a "Speculative Realism" series offered to me by x University Press.

Of course this does not mean I will stop talking about speculative realism, just that I will not assume certain duties or publish those two specific entries.  The next question, then, is whether speculative realism is still worth talking about. 

His postscript is something anyone who has/had an interest in the subject ought to read.  So, buy Pete's book.

Brassier lucidly communicates s a truth that has been for a long time in need of telling.  Blake, Hills, Wolfendale, Galloway, Oyama, and myself have been telling that truth for years, if not in recent months to the denial of many.  I respect Ray personally and am glad he wrote the postscript the way that he did.

I suppose that's all I say for now. Afterall, what can I say? - the man has said it all.