Monday, August 5, 2013

some forthcoming publications

For those interested, I'll list below some things that I've recently finished publication-wise that are due to appear sooner rather than later (I should note that some of these have been a year or longer in wait, but that is typical from what I've experienced in my short writing career thus far).  My first book took nearly two years to appear in print.

I am really doing this just so I myself am clear that I really do have a clean plate at the moment and am ready to gear up and put more things in the publication pipeline.  For the moment though it does feel good to have a clean plate and take a breather.


"Aesthetic Value in Peirce's Theistic Naturalism" in The Peirce Quote Book: Semiotics, Communication, and Cognition (Mouton De Gruyter)

"Speculating God: Meillassoux's Divine Inexistence" in The Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion (Indiana University Press)

"Speculative Naturalism: A Bleak Theology in Light of the Tragic" in Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture

Review of Creative Experiencing: A Philosophy of Freedom by Charles Hartshorne, for American Journal of Theology & Philosophy

"21st Century Speculative Philosophy: Reflections on the New Metaphysics and its Realism and Materialism," in Cosmos and History

A Philosophy of Sacred Nature: Prospects for Ecstatic Naturalism (co-edited with Nam Nguyen) 

Currently under review...

Review of Nature's Sublime: An Essay in Aesthetic Naturalism by Robert S. Corrington

Entries on "The Divine Inexistence" for The Meillassoux Dictionary (Edinburgh University Press)

Just about done...

Animal Experience: Consciousness and Emotions in the Natural World (Open Humanities Press Living Books About Life Series).    This is a co-edited book, we just need to finish writing the Introduction and then it's done.  This has already been accepted for publication, just polishing up at this point.  All material is selected, organized, ready to go, etc. etc.

Conferences, appearances, talks...

"Bleak Theology," for P.E.S.T. - UPenn, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Aug. 21st)

"The Pain of Eternal Becoming," for Schelling Society of North America - UWO, London, Canada (Aug. 31st)