Tuesday, August 6, 2013

an exciting edition to the below

Great news.  Received word this morning that Cosmos & History will be publishing an article that I wrote on continental realism and materialism.  I'm told that the article will appear in the next issue which is due out before the end of the year.  Needless to say, I am *very* excited about this.  C&H are among my top choices for open access online journals and probably are my favorite. (Their issue on "What is Life? is probably the best OA effort that I've come across.  All of their issues are good and I always look forward to whatever they publish.)

I'll post the abstract below in hopes to generate some excitement about the forthcoming article and new issue.

"21st Century Speculative Philosophy: 
Reflections on the 'New Metaphysics' and its Realism and Materialism"


Regarding the state of contemporary metaphysics, as it has been said, “There’s something in the air.”   My goal in this essay is to offer some brief reflections on the state of contemporary metaphysics, otherwise called contemporary “speculative” philosophy – the “something in the air” – that has resurfaced within the early part of the 21st century.  In order to clarify the nature of the new metaphysics in question I proceed by isolating geographically and topically two main tendencies of thought which appear to constitute it: namely continental realism and continental materialism.  With respect to the possible ambiguity of “continental realism” or “continental materialism” in the 21st century, a consideration of “speculative realism” seems necessary if only to position my analysis upon a specific conceptual map.  From there I offer thoughts as to how contemporary continental realism and materialism (the “new metaphysics”) may be said to be defined first and foremost by its engagement with a concept identified as “correlationism,” a central feature of the new metaphysics’ rejection of the sort of philosophy that has come before it.