Saturday, September 24, 2011

trip next week to Northwoods / Northern Wisconsin

(PHOTO - Northern Woods, WI)
It is not well known that Northern Wisconsin is heavily forested and has quite a number of trails, lakes, camping sites and other outdoor activities.  There are also plenty of interesting animals such as mountain lions, black bear, deer, coyote, wolves, and elk.  I first heard about the wildilfe and forests of Northern Wisconsin while watching documentaries about the large Native American population that resides there (the Wisconsin channel has some great programs about this, as well as about the Northwoods).  In addition to serving the needs of the Native American communities, these remote areas also offer beautiful sights and hikes for naturists such as myself.

I'll be making a four hour drive to Wassau, and once there I'll make my way over to the Ice Age Trail, back over to Nicolet National Forest, and then back down to Devil's Lake.

(PHOTO - Devil's Lake, WI)