Thursday, January 28, 2021

quote of the day

“Freedom, however, does not dwell in emptiness, but rather dwells in the disordered and the unseparated, in those areas which are organable but not to be part of the organization. Let us call them the wilderness; it is the space from which man not only can lead the struggle, but from which he can also hope to win. This is no longer a romantic wilderness, of course. It is the primal cause of its existence.” 

- Ernst Junger, Across the Line (1951)

 “They forged the new, terrible yoke for the masses. Technology supported them in a way that surpassed even the wildest dreams of the old tyrants. The old means returned with new names – torture, serfdom, slavery. Disappointment and despair spread, a deep disgust at all the phrases and twists of politics. This was the point at which the Spirit turned back to the cults, where the sects flourished and in small circles and elites they devoted themselves to the fine arts, tradition, and pleasures.” 

- Ernst Junger, Heliopolis (1977)