Thursday, July 26, 2018

On snake oil and Latour, Meillassoux, and Garcia

We were told ad nauseum that Bruno Latour was the second coming of academic Christ. The world would be changed, statues would be erected in his honor, departments would be devoted to the man. Latourians would come to utterly displace and destroy those damn billie-club wielding Deleuzeans with either "bare-knuckles" or drawn "knives" (note the stark violence associated with these intellectual transitions).

But then we were told "no," instead the second coming was not to be Latour but one Quentin Meillassoux. Watch out! In years' time an aged Meillassoux would reign supreme from his throne, the academic world bowing beneath his popularity and power. The case was pushed as, "Meillassoux supports me and my ontology, so he'll reign supreme as will I."

But then, wait! It was to be the "handsome" and millennial (as if that were a positive quality) Tristan Garcia! Buy his book! Two people have written about him!

And so on.

I say, has any of this cashed out?

How much snake oil does one buy before they realize they've been had.

More folks write about Schelling and Merleau-Ponty than any of the above, combined.