Sunday, February 25, 2018

Ethics of the Umwelt

Morten Tønnessen has posted an interesting paper (book chapter, it appears to be) on his page. Below is the abstract and then the link.

"Umwelt Ethics"
In this paper I will sketch an Umwelt ethics, i.e., an ethics that rests heavily on fundamental features of Jakob von Uexküll’s Umwelt theory. In the course of an interpretation of the Umwelt theory, a number of concepts are introduced. These include ontological niche, common-Umwelt, total Umwelt and bio-ontological monad. I then present an Uexküllian reading of the deep ecology platform. It is suggested that loss of biodiversity, considered as a physio-phenomenal entity, is the most crucial aspect of the ecological crisis,which can be understood as an ontological crisis.

Link HERE.