Friday, September 22, 2017

Lisa Blackman's "Loving the Alien: A Post-Post-Human Manifesto"

Lisa Blackman: "Loving the Alien: A Post-Post-Human Manifesto" (2016)
Originally published on Monoskop Log

This essay explores the ambivalent position of the alien in order to reflect upon the question of whether there is a place for a non-body politic. Lisa Blackman brings together a number of different debates from “new biologies” to “alien phenomenologies” that provide some ways of framing a possible non-body politics founded on radical relationality, contingency and “inhuman formation” that might go some small way to recognising what might be at stake.

Publisher Fall Semester, Miami, 2016
Open access
22 pages
via Fall Semester

PDF download HERE. Special issue of Subjectivity HERE. After Nature Google Drive link HERE.