Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Why Millennials are the worst and Gen-X will save the world

A recent article suggests the obvious, that when it comes to dating, Millennial online culture is catching up with that generation born between 1980-ish and 2000-ish.  Many Millennials experienced their "age 25 mid-life crisis" and now are approaching age 30 (so many are still 20-somethings about to turn 30). However, according to the article, whereas in the past many young people had begun to settle by their '30s many Millennials are unable to commit to any sort of long-term relationship and in turn are having trouble finding life-partners, and in turn trouble settling enough to buy a home, let alone hold any one career path or even have children.

As the article points out Millennials yearn for a long-term relationship but are either unable to find one, or hold one.  Some of the reasons? The article cites unconquerable focus on self and self-absorption (narcissism), unwillingness to grow up (or inability to mature having been raised by helicopter parents), a general distrust toward everyone, a general laziness and apathy couched in a "I want to be left alone" or "I'm busy!" attitude, and unrealistic narratives perpetuated by social media which endorse the existence of that "perfect someone." In reality though the formation of romantic relationships online as well as the maintenance of those relationships online has led to issues with self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and the inability to communicate (or perhaps even feel) any genuine or real emotions. Many Millennials are simply unable to grow up, even at age 30, and that as much shows in their love life according to this article. See HERE.

Following, this lost generation who is unable to communicate in full sentences and relies on emoji to express their love interests has become "incapable" of love, save for narcissistic self-love. They are incapable of intimacy. See HERE. Millennial women blame their hoodie-wearing iPhone-grasping male peers and have turned to older men who have grown up as their new dating pool. See HERE. Millennial males in their '30s still inhabit the adolescent mind, as evident on Tinder.

THIS article is quite harsh and clearly blames feminism (perhaps mistakenly) for gender confusion, as much as it does mistakenly identify Generation-X as Millennials' parents (this is impossible: Millennials' parents are Baby Boomers...Gen-X is only old enough to be their long-distant cousin or older brother). And, further, Gen-X has waited until they hit 40 or later to have children, making Generation Z the children of Gen-X, not Millennials. In essence though the article does correctly identify that fragile sense of self had by Millennials - the one that enjoys all of the praise, expects to be paid more for doing less, and expects the world, just like their parents, to cater to their every whim and need (baby-sit them, basically). See HERE.

When it comes to cohort effects, we Gen-X'ers look on in horror as we see 30 year-old grown up children leech off of our '80s nostalgia in vain attempts to recover the meaningful and magical (rather than pandered and shallow) "childhood they never had." Part of this perpetual childhood for Millennials includes, other than that narcissistic over-self confidence that "love will find a way," a childlike fascination with sexuality and complete inability to experience true romance.

On the job front, many employers now struggle with Millennials who now make up half of the US workforce. Consistently late to work, consistently not accomplishing enough work, and consistently not working hard enough, Millennials are apparently fired in droves.  As the ultimate "let down" of society, the generation at war with Boomers continues to whine and complain, call their parents, show up late for work (and leave early), while Gen-X can only do what it does best: ignore the drama, put its nose to the grindstone, and save the world. See HERE and HERE.