Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Perceptual universes abounding all around of us": Interview with Leon Niemoczynski, part 1

Speculum Criticum Traditionis blog has posted an interview with me (link HERE) that After Nature readers may enjoy.  The title is quite lovely, actually..."Perceptual Universes Abounding All Around of Us."  It is done in a down-to-earth conversational style despite being conducted through email.  While the interview is broken into two parts and was around 20-30 pages in text, SCT has edited things quite abit so that is reads easy.

If interested and if readers would like to know more about me, my life, how I grew up, or more about my current philosophical thinking, please take a moment or two to start to read the interview...if you have time it'd be great for some to check out the whole thing.  I put alot of time, heart, and effort into it, so even if one or two read it in entire length I'd be happy.

If possible it'd be a great help if readers could spread the link to this interview should you all out there find any of it interesting or informative.  Any assistance in spreading the news would be so much appreciated!