Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Meillassoux Dictionary has been quietly released

I didn't even know that this was now available in the U.S.  I wrote several entries for it on Meillassoux and his philosophy of religion and philosophical theology, including "Divine Inexistence," "Irreligion," "Resurrection," "Spectral Dilemma," and "The Child."

I say "quietly" because the usual blog kingpins haven't been shilling it like they normally do for other titles - including those that are even only remotely linked to speculative realism - so many people just don't know that this is out. The silence, like usual, is more than likely intentional, probably because Pete Wolfendale and myself are featured prominently within this book's pages.  This is what we call cutting off your nose despite your face.

Anyway, the amazon link is HERE. From what I can tell it is worth picking up and the paperback price seems reasonable.