Friday, November 8, 2013

How Schleiermacher Defends Religion (MP3 AUDIO)

There is a new podcast that I've grown to like called The Partially Examined Life.  The episodes on Heidegger and Quine are quite good, but THIS episode in particular is one that I've listened to twice because it was so informative - especially in explaining Schleiermacher's response to anyone who asks critically why the title of "God" is needed (at all) if one's God looks nothing like the "traditional" God of the philosophers.

It's worth noting that I've been looking into whether orthodox titles are warranted for God - rather, than say, the Absolute - due to some interesting research that I've come across while doing some readings for our Hegel's Logic reading group.  One book (and series) that I should recommend is The Making of Modern Theology series.

In that series there is a volume on Schleiermacher - the father of liberal Protestant theology - as well as on Hegel.  The Hegel volume is something that I am reading now, and it is excellent.  See G.W.F. Hegel: Theologian of the Spirit, HERE.

There is also THIS podcast from The Philosophers Zone on Hegel and Hegel's God.