Wednesday, April 3, 2013

online introductions to Charles Hartshorne

I had an email request asking for a good (and free) online introduction to the thought of Charles Hartshorne (1897-2000).  I have two introductions to recommend, actually.  Beyond online introductions however I would recommend three books, which Hartshorne himself said composed an "introductory trilogy" to his work.  Those three books are Creative Synthesis & Philosophic Method, Wisdom as Moderation, and Creative Experiencing.  I would also recommend picking up the LLP volume dedicated to Hartshorne as well as Hartshorne's The Zero Fallacy.  Those five books together would pretty much round out a basic introduction to the whole of his work.

For free online resources I would recommend THIS introduction by Donald Wayne Viney, as I've found it to be excellent.  I hope it proves to be informative for After Nature readers.

Also, THIS is the online version of a book which has proven useful to me in the past.  The essays are all by Hartshorne himself.  It also comes with a comprehensive bibliography.