Thursday, January 3, 2013

new issues of PLI journal (including 2012 special issue)

Sample table of contents below.  Didier Debaise, Dan Smith, and Alberto Toscano are included, among other great talent.  Definitely worth checking out. 





Volume 23. Life and Ontology: Physis, Naturalism, Phenomenology (2012)

ISBN 1 897646 19 4
This issue is currently available

  • Articles
  • TOM GREAVES: Re-Enacting Natural Histories: Heidegger and Collingwood on the Historicity of Living Nature
  • ERIC S. NELSON: Dilthey and Carnap: Empiricism, Life-Philosophy, and Overcoming Metaphysics
  • JAMES DIFRISCO: Merleau-Ponty’s Ontology of Life
  • JOSEPH CAREW: The Trembling of the Concept: The Material Genesis of Living Being in Hegel's Realphilosophie
  • JONATHAN SHOLL: The Knowledge of Life in Canguilhem’s Critical Naturalism
  • DAVID STOREY: Nietzsche's Non-Reductive Naturalism: Evolution, Teleology, and Value
  • Reviews
  • DAVID VAN DUSEN: Imagism: Bataille and Prehistoric Life – A Review of Georges Bataille's The Cradle of Humanity: Prehistoric Art and Culture

Special Volume. Deleuze and Simondon (2012)

ISBN 1 897646 20 8
This issue is currently available

  • Articles
  • ANNE SAUVAGNARGUES: Simondon, Deleuze, and the Construction of Transcendental Empiricism
  • ARNAUD BOUANICHE: Deleuze and Simondon: Community and Transindividuality
  • PIERRE MONTEBELLO: Deleuze, an anti-phenomenology
  • DIDIER DEBAISE: The Subjects of Nature: A Speculative Interpretation of the Subject
  • ANNE LEFEBVRE: Realism of the image and general praxeology in Simondon's course Imagination et invention
  • DANIEL W. SMITH: Concepts, Time and Truth
  • ALBERTO TOSCANO: The Disparate: Ontology and Politics in Simondon
  • MARJORIE GRACIEUSE: Deleuze: Desiring Bodies versus Organic Judgement
  • CLAUDIO ROZZONI: 'The deepest is the skin': Deleuze and Simondon as Superficial Philosophers
  • Review Articles
  • CHRIS BEIGHTON: Dosse, F., Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari - Biographie Croisée