Friday, July 22, 2011

Maine travel blog: (final post)

(PHOTO: After Nature)
So I am leaving Maine tomorrow after what will hopefully be a shorter hike in the morning.  What a great trip: loved every minute of it.  

Incidentally, while here in Maine I became much more philosophically close to Ralph Waldo Emerson, whom many read as a literary figure rather than a philosophical one.  I disagree with such a read of him.  While high flown, Emerson certainly offers some unique insights and demonstrates that there certainly is more than one sort of philosophical naturalism ("naturalism" being a commonly used term these days, but much misunderstood to say the least).  

By and large I read a good sized chunk of Buell's Transcendentalism book, and I recommend it.  Transcendentalism, like existentialism, is just one of those things that isn't so fashionable yet which still has, and probably always will have, a special place for me in my philosophical outlook.

Upon return home to Pennsylvania I have some more packing to do.