Thursday, March 16, 2017

Belong: more on ontological regard and a one sentence rant about unanswered emails

If ontological regard and social-recognition are properly fundamental prime categories, let us assume then that the denial of hospitality, fellow-feeling, and perhaps even generosity and kindness (based upon fellow-feeling and suffering itself being the sovereign common denominator) means that the disregard of any others' given invitation actively and actually contributes to the suffering of that other.

There was a grad student out in California some years ago who through online interactions with me seemed friendly enough and we would share links and information about philosophy we both enjoyed; and I took the time to correspond with him abit here and there as we had/have similar interests in knowledge and ecology.  He even said at one point it'd be cool to meet up at a conference - him emailing me with an invitation to get together just to talk shop. I said that would be great.

He's since disappeared running an editing business of sorts while attending a Ph.D. program.  But apparently he is too busy to answer a cordial email from me just to see how he is doing. And I attempted to reach out to him twice.  Strange considering we have similar interests and used to correspond quite abit before.  But now he has just stopped answering his emails. Weird.

This rarely happens where someone I know online just stops answering emails, but I can't understand how with a friendly invitation of hospitality - just to check in to see how someone is doing - one can be bluntly ignored. Not cool.

But, that's his problem I suppose.