Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Suffering and Evil in Nature" EN Conference 2017

Robert S. Corrington writes:

The theme for the 7th International Congress on Ecstatic Naturalism (April 7th and 8th, 2017 - at Drew University) will be: Suffering and Evil in Nature. We are very lucky to have the Korean Professors back with us this year, so the theme will be quite international.

Below is a description of the conference, as provided by Corrington:

"Suffering and Evil in Nature"
7th International Congress on Ecstatic Naturalism  
April 7th and 8th, Spring 2017 -Drew University, Madison New Jersey, United States

It is a vexing issue as to whether nature can be evil or not. While most would say "no" it is still a topic worth probing. Is evil a merely human trait or does it somehow come from the unconscious of nature; namely, from nature naturing? If we can talk of an ordinal psychoanalysis of nature, is the door then open for a robust discussion of evil beyond the human in the context of a non-theistic religious naturalism? The problem of suffering seems easier to deal with. Is there suffering in nature? Virtually everyone would answer "yes." But the issue of human and non-human suffering remains a complex one and, for some, involves a muted form of theodicy to "justify" suffering. Yet the facts of Darwinian evolution are stark and discouraging, given that extinction is one of the few certainties in evolution. But when we transition to the problem of human suffering, the issues multiply, especially for religious naturalism. The Congress will explore both issues from a variety of religious naturalistic perspectives, among them being ecstatic naturalism.