Monday, February 2, 2015

Schedule for Ecstatic Naturalism 2015 conference

Fifth International Congress on Ecstatic Naturalism
2015 Theme: American Philosophy of Nature

Campus of Drew University
Madison, New Jersey
April 10th-11th, 2015

The Shore of the Turquoise Sea – Albert Bierstadt, 1878

Friday – April 10th, 2015

Registration Table: 8:30-9am

Morning sessions:

9-10:15am: American Philosophy of Nature and the Sublime
Yeol Kim – "On the Sublime of Nature: Aesthetic Naturalism of Robert S. Corrington and of Gilles Deleuze"
Guy Woodward – "American Sublime"

10:30-11:45am: American Philosophy of Nature and Deep Ecology
Jea Sophia Oh – "A Lament over Frankenstein, Nature Un-natured: A Deep Ecology with Sacred Seed”
Leon Niemoczynski - "The Naturalistic Idealism of American Philosopher John William Miller: His Concept of 'Midworld' Applied to Philosophical Ecology"

Lunch 12:00 – 12:50pm

Afternoon sessions:

1:00-2:15pm: American Philosophy of Nature and C. S. Peirce
David Rohr - “A Peirce-Inspired Theory of Pansemiosis: Living Semiosis within a Semiotic Cosmos”
Nick Guardiano - “Ecstatic Naturalism and Transcendentalist Aesthetics on the Creativity of Nature”

Group photograph 2:30-2:45pm

3:00-4:45pm: "A Religion of Nature": Special Panel on the Work of Donald Crosby
Demian Wheeler
Wesley Wildman
Robert Cummings Neville
Donald Crosby

Dinner 5:00-6:30pm

Plenary address 7:00pm with Opening Remarks by Dean Javier Viera:

"The Agony and Ecstasy of Religious Naturalism”

LeRon Shults, Ph.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Theology and Philosophy
University of Agder
New Books by LeRon Shults:

Saturday – April 11th, 2015

Registration Table: 8:30-9am

Morning sessions:

9:00-10:15am: American Philosophy of Nature and Moral Aesthetics
Robert King – "John Dewey’s 'Consummatory Experience' and Ecstatic Naturalism:
A Common Faith?"
Nick Wernicki - "Ecstatic Naturalism and Moral Aesthetics: Building a Framework for an Ethics"

10:30-11:45am: American Philosophy of Nature and Ralph Waldo Emerson
Rose Ellen Dunn – "Wild Air: Toward a Poetics of Ecstatic Naturalism and Transcendentalism"
David Johnson -  "Emersonian Rapture, Ecstasy, and the Perception of Truth"

Lunch 12:00-12:50pm - Award of the Emerson Prize During Lunch

Afternoon sessions:

1:00-2:15pm: American Philosophy of Nature and Immanent Transcendence
Jonathan Weidenbaum – "Spiritual Naturalism and the Theologies of Transcendence"
Stephanie Theodorou – "Mind as Substance and Subject: Hegel, Naturalism, and The Sacred"

2:30-3:45pm: American Philosophy of Nature and Psychoanalysis
Wade Mitchell – "From the Bottomless Lake of Consciousness: Peirce, Neuropsychoanalysis & Ecstatic Naturalism"
Kwang Yu Lee – "In Search of a Common Ground for Selving and Syntheism: A Psychoanalytic Appraisal of Ontological Stability"

4:00-5:15pm: American Philosophy and Process Naturalism from Chaos, to Cosmos, to Community
Keunsik Lee – "The Role of Personality within the formation of Community identity"
Austin Roberts – "Exploring the Pantheist Philosophies of Robert S. Corrington & Roland Faber"

5:15-6:00pm "Syntheism's Relationship to Ecstatic Naturalism": Special Panel of Alexander Bard and Robert S. Corrington
Alexander Bard
Robert S. Corrington

Dinner 7:00pm