Thursday, January 31, 2013

table of contents for A Philosophy of Sacred Nature: Prospects for Ecstatic Naturalism

edited by Niemoczynski & Nguyen (forthcoming from Lexington Books 2014)

. Introduction: Prospects for Ecstatic Naturalism – Leon Niemoczynski and Nam Nguyen

. Reflections on the philosophy of Robert S. Corrington – Robert Neville
. "Ecstatic Naturalims" Paper delivered to the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy – Robert S. Corrington

1. Philosophy and Nature

  • Naturalism and the Sacred – Martin Yalcin
  • The Spirit of Robert S. Corrington’s Ecstatic Naturalism – Wade Mitchell
  • Nature’s Primal Self – Nam T. Nguyen

2. Religion and Society

  • Derrida’s Difference and Corrington’s Self-Othering Nature: Justice through the Eyes of Badiou’s Subject of Truth – Iljoon Park
  • Abyss and Ground: Expanding Ecstatic Naturalism’s Material Maternal with Psychoanalytic Object Relations Theory – Lydia York
  • Corrington’s Ecstatic Naturalism in Light of the Scientific Study of Religion – Wesley Wildman

3. Aesthetics and Environmental Philosophy
  • Nature’s Spontaneity and Intentionality: Ecocracy, Doing Non-Doing Principle of Donghak [Eastern Learning] – Jea Sophia Oh
  • Ecology Re-Naturalized – Leon Niemoczynski
  • Ecstatic Nature and Earthly Abyss: An Ecofeminist Journey to the Icelandic Volcano –Sigridur Gudmarsdottir

4. Metaphysics and Theology
  • Unruly Gods: Schellingean Approaches to Theology in Robert Corrington and Philip Clayton
  • Cleaving the Light: The Necessity of Metaphysics in the Practice of Theology – Guy Woodward
  • The Categorial Schema – Robert S. Corrington