Thursday, January 31, 2013

table of contents for The Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion

edited by Crockett, Robbins, and Putt (forthcoming, Indiana University Press)

Introduction – “Back to the Future” 

Part I – The Messianic
1.       Is Continental Philosophy of Religion Dead? 
John D. Caputo
2.      Friends and Strangers/Poets and Rabbis:  Negotiating a “Capuphalian” Philosophy of Religion
B. Keith Putt, with Reponses by John D. Caputo and Merold Westphal
3.      Mother Midwife: How Johannes de silentio Gives Birth to Faith, its Spectacular Counterfeits—and to Derrida and Kristeva
Edward F. Mooney
4.      The Persistence of the Trace: Interrogating the Gods of Speculative Realism
Steven Shakespeare
5.      Speculating God: Speculative Realism and Meillassoux’s Divine Inexistence
Leon Niemoczynski
6.      Between Deconstruction and Speculation: John D. Caputo and A/Theological Materialism
Katharine Sarah Moody

Part II -- Liberation
7.      The Future of Liberation
Philip Goodchild
8.      Monetized Philosophy and Theological Money: Uneasy Linkages and the Future of a Discourse
Devin Singh
9.      “Between Justice and My Mother”: Reflections On and Between Levinas and Žižek
Gavin Hyman
10.   Verbis Indisciplinatis
Joseph Ballan
11.   Overwhelming Abundance and Every-Day Liturgical Practices: For a Less Excessive Phenomenology of Religious Experience
Christina M. Gschwandtner
12.   Counter-Currents: Theology and the Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion
Noëlle Vahanian

Part III -- Plasticity
13.   The Future of Derrida: Time between Epigenesis and Epigenetics
Catherine Malabou
14.   On Reading – Catherine Malabou
Randall Johnson
15.   Necessity as Virtue: On Religious Materialism from Feuerbach to Žižek
Jeffrey W. Robbins
16.   Plasticity in the Contemporary Islamic Subject
John Thibdeau
17.   From Cosmology to the First Ethical Gesture: Schelling with Irigaray
Lenart Škof
18.   Prolegomenon to Thinking the Reject for the Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion
Irving Goh
19.   Entropy
Clayton Crockett